Public procurement for public contracting authorities


Legal certainty is a simple necessity for every tendering process. Even small mistakes can require the tendering procedure to be repeated or establish entitlement to damages claims for excluded tenderers. The actual success of a public procurement procedure – optimal service at the most convenient price – ­­­­ is determined in particular by the quality of the tender documents. They must clearly set out the contracting authority’s requirements, whilst also offering tenders scope for their own solutions. This is a tall order, especially for complex procurement procedures. Public procurement law leaves you significant scope for creativity, for example in determining the object of the matter put out to tender, the choice of the “right” tender procedure or the proper suitability and award criteria.


We wil attend to your tendering procedure – both above and below the EU-threshold. This applies from the conception of the invitation to tender, the choice of the right procedure, the drafting of the tender documents through to accompaniment of the overall process until the award, the due documentation of the award procedure and the subsequent contract management.


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