Permanent settlement permit


The permanent settlement permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) – previously known as “indefinite leave to remain (unbefristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis, Aufenthaltsberechtigung)” – e.g under § 9 of the German Residence Act represents the basis for long-term and secure residence in Germany and throughout Europe (as the EC-long term residence permit). It can only be revoked in narrowly defined cases. In addition, a permanent settlement permit establishes entitlement to carry on any gainful employment.


This means that the authorities carry out very detailed checks before issuing a permanent settlement permit and again make new requests. Having a good lawyer deal with your permanent settlement permit will speed up processing by the authorities, and resolve conflicts quickly. If necessary, that may include to enforce your rights through the courts.


Dr. Leupolt has been practising in the area of immigration law for a number of years. He will deal with issues relating to your permanent settlement permit, as he knows the procedures followed by the authorities inside out, and is naturally also exceptionally well versed in the legal framework governing the administrative procedure.


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