Higher education law


Getting onto the course you want at the university you want, filing actions seeking admissions or objecting to the invocation of capacity limits, successfully completing a course, examination or qualification, or resolving problems in relation to exams, the award of a PhD or the post-doctoral lecturer qualification (“Habilitation”) – in all of these cases a good higher education law lawyer can help you out.

In proceedings brought against universities and the German University Admissions Foundation (SHZ) the general rule applicable to dealings with the authorities is particulary relevant. Only a lawyer who knows the decision making process and areas of competence in universities and the SHZ “from the inside” is able to resolve situations of deadlock and to achieve progress. This means that problems can be resolved rapidly and long-winded court actions avoided.


Objections and claims are submitted and interim orders are sought (summary proceedings/emergency petitions) where it is not possible to avoid taking the case through the administrative courts or where doing so will ensure that a decision is reached more quickly.


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