Criminal law


Criminal investigations by the police, the public presecution authority and the financial authorities often throw the individual concerned into serious crisis: the individual’s professional and personal future are at stake. In such situations, competent professional advice is essential, along with practical experience and sensivity. This is because a large number of criminal proceedings can be ended pragmatically – through direct communication with the courts, the police and prosecutors. This enables a full criminal trial in the public eye before the district or regional court to be avoided. Dr. Leupolt accepts instructions in the following areas:

  • criminal offences resulting in death (murder, manslaughter)
  • fraud, breach of trust, embezzlement
  • corruption offences
  • sexual offences
  • administrative offences (driving bans)
  • road traffic offences
  • victim protection
  • general criminal law
  • environmental criminal law

– in the event of arrest/pre-trial custody, searches and seizures –