University admissions actions


We will pursue university admission actions at all courses with restricted entry to numerus clausus subjects. We take action in relation to selected universities throughout Germany. As result of our experience over the past years, we know where the likelihood of admissions is greatest.


We will provide you with prompt and personalised information regarding progress in the procedure: we don’t make batch runs or send out automised notices. This is part of the way we work as lawyers. This is also necessary because the admission places fought for by us often have to be accepted within short time limits, and registration must be completed quickly.


We are happy to answer any questions you might have either over the phone or by meeting in our office in Cologne.
Should you be considering the study of dentistry or medicine abroad, we recommend that you contact the applications agency Academic Embassy.


Hattig und Dr. Leupolt Rechtsanwälte will bring actions objecting to the invocation of capacity limits or seeking admissions in order to secure you a place at your chosen institution. A good lawyer in university admissions actions acts against selected universities throughout Germany; this saves costs and increases the likehood of success. Since the law on actions objecting to the invocation of capacity limits is highly specialised, university admissions actions can only by successfully brought and properly motivated on the back of long-standing practice in this area.


Only a lawyer with experience in university admissions actions will be familiar with the court decisions on objections to the invocation of capacity limits and universities’ numerus clausus documentation from recent years. He can thus reliably assess at which universities the prospects of admission are highest.


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