Immigration law


Residency status is the decisive criterion for residence in Germany. The law in this area is regulated by the German Residence Act. Any threat to this status will jeopardise a person’s entire entitlement to remain in Germany, and often has an effect on friends and family.


A good lawyer will take due account of a client’s serious position, and in such cases, a swift and efficient procedure is just important as handling negotiations with the immigration authorities in a sensitive manner.


We work in the following areas:


  • the law on residence (residence and permanent settlement permits/indefinite leave to remain, exceptional leave to remain, long-term residence-EC)
  • work permit, entitlement to work, employement permit
  • expulsion and deportation
  • visa-related matters (private and business visa, family reunification)
  • the law on nationality (naturalisation, dual nationality)
  • asylum law
  • oppositions, claims and summary proceedings